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Viral City (2011)
“Viral City” computer animation video installation

水墨畫科班出身的王宗欣 (Cowper),自力進行設計、繪畫、網路、影片、商品等各領域的創意整合。〈病毒城市〉結合了地面投影和壁面的9台電視播放,前者以類似實驗室培養皿中的病毒活動,類比了城市的聚合連結效應和文明的擴散擠壓現象;俯瞰的視野凸顯了個體人類的渺小,也模擬造物主對於人類文明發展的注視與監控。後者以排場走秀的機制,臆造了世界末日造成人們身心的不同反應──災後倖存的變異人種,代表了自私、焦躁、疏離、愉悅、幸福…等人格特質與人生想望的9種比例混合體,這些基於反感情緒的生命修正,不論滿意與否,都將繼續走向未來。

Cowper comes from an ink brush painting background, and is self-trained in the areas of design, drawing, internet, video, product design, and other creative integrations.  “Viral City” is a combination of floor projection and nine television displays on the wall.  It is like a lab experiment for cultivating viruses, and it is an analogy that there is a connecting effect in the city, and also dispersal and oppression of civilization.  The bird’s eye view places emphasis on the smallness of humankind, and also depicts the various responses that people have when the end of the world comes.  The mutants that have survived the catastrophe are representative of selfishness, anxiety, distance, joy, bliss…different personality traits and human desires, which are depicted in the nine hybrid forms.  These life’s progressions based on negative emotions are bound to strive toward the future, regardless if they are satisfied with their state of being or not.

王 宗欣
Wang Tsung Hsin (Cowper)

2008成立多媒體藝術團隊“DoSomething Studio”

Graduated from the department of fine arts, HuaFan University, Taipei, 2000. Majored in Chinese ink painting.
Multimedia art team “Dosomething studio” founded, 2008.


Solo Exhibition
2008 台灣台南 火腿設計師藝廊 個展
2008 台灣台北 六角設計師藝廊 個展
2009 台灣新竹 沙湖壢術村 個展

Ham gallery, Tainan Taiwan, 2008.
Comb gallery, Taipei Taiwan, 2008.
SAFULAK Art Village, Hsinchu Taiwan, 2009.


Group Exhibition
2009 香港 青衣城老夫子40週年紀念聯展
2009 台灣台北 武BU X HI侍 聯展
2009 台灣台北 華山藝文特區 台灣設計師週 聯展
2009 芬蘭 Valumateoria / Trickle-down Theory 聯展
2010 台灣高雄設計節/錄像互動裝置The Same Only
2011 英國倫敦Asian Creative Culture 聯展
2011 台灣台北 學學文創Low Pose Character Design Conference in Asia
2011 台灣台北當代藝術館 末未2013? 病毒城市

40th Anniversary Exhibition of Master Q, Maritime Square, Hong Kong, 2009.
武BU X HI侍 Exhibition, Taipei Taiwan, 2009.
Taiwan Designers' Week in the Huashan 1914, Taipei Taiwan, 2009
Valumateoria / Trickle-down Theory Exhibition, Finland, 2009.
The same only-interactive device, Design Festival, Kaohsiung Taiwan, 2010
Asian Creative Culture, London UK, 2011
Viral City, MOCA Taipei Taiwan, 2011


My Studio
Dosomething Studio

10550, 1F, No.1, Aly. 5, Lin. 53, Sec. 4, Nanjing East Road,  Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.