POUTY WORLD 以角色品牌關注人與人的關係,人與世界的關係。設計上以噘嘴造型的角色,表現裝萌、裝可愛的網路世代所崇尚的符號溝通與自戀美學,也帶出了一個奇幻的創意國度,讓我們拼貼許多看似熟悉卻未曾謀面的新奇角色與故事。

POUTY WORLD is a character brand of lifestyle, Created by multi-media artist, Cowper Wang. He uses painting and new media as main artistic means to do his creations, and POUTY WORLD become his new platform to provide the unique style and creativities for the collaboration partners.

POUTY WORLD 角色故事現在是顏值決定一切的世代。你學會裝可愛了嗎? POUTY WORLD裡的每一個角色都有一張噘嘴的厚唇,反映現代生活衝突下的自戀與幽默哲學。相信每個自我的想像世界,無論是怪誕、奇幻,或是單純、幼稚,都有屬於各自的魅力等待發掘與了解。

POUTY WORLD is a character brand of Life Style. With the graphic of our unique face feature of design, POUTY WORLD create a fantastic style to link with audience of the online generation and Narcissism.

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